Sunflower Oil Mill Plant

Sunflower Oil Mill Plant

We are well-known manufacturer of small, medium and large industrial sunflower oil mill plant. Our oil mill machinery and equipment deserve excellent praise for their excellent quality. All our products manufactured in state-of-the-art factory and characterized by high production, low labour costs and low production costs.

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Sunflower Seed Oil Mill Plant Cost

The most basic factor related to the cost of oil factory setup is the capacity of your sunflower oil extraction plant. Generally, the capacity of factory area and oil production equipment decides. In most cases, the investor has brought the factory’s land or rented it. And, the main cost of oil factory is buy relatively oil mill machinery and equipment.

Machines & Equipments required to start Sunflower Oil Mill Plant

Here we have listed some of the common machines required for sunflower oil mill plant including Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Seed Cleaner, Oil Expeller Machines, Crude oil tank, Filter press machine with Pump, Filtered oil tank, Storage Tank and Volumetric filling machine.

Sunflower Oil Mill Plant Process

A sunflower oil extraction plant involves the following steps: seed cleaning, oil extraction, oil filtration, and crude oil refining.

Sunflower Oil Mill Plant Process Flowchart

Seed Cleaning Machine

Prior to extraction, oilseed is passed through the seeds cleaner machine to remove the metals or other impurities. It is important to get rid of impurities that might affect the oil production process.

Sunflower Oil Extraction

The cleaned seeds are put in the kettle of screw oil press machine with the help of screw conveyor. The sunflower seed contain 38 – 40 % oil content and double pressing required to extract the oil from the sunflower seeds.

In the first pressing 18 – 20 % oil will be recovered, to extract the remaining oil (20% oil still present in the oilcake) required second pressing from which 10 to 12% oil will be recovered and remaining oil in oilcake is 10 % – 12 % which will be used as animal feed. Crude oil moved into a crude oil tank before processed through a filter press. The oilcake will move directly from the press to the storage area. Crude oil contains foots which is removed with the help of filter press machines.

Oil Refining

Refining is done to improve the color, flavor, odor, and stability by use of processes that enhance the bleaching, degumming, deodorizing and neutralizing the oil. The entire refining processes eliminate pollutants like free fatty acids, pro-oxidants, and phosphatides. Additional processing of fats and oils is often desirable. For instance, some are de-waxed while others are improved to alter their melting features. Now, you’ll get liquid and solid products which are then packed various quantities ready for market.

Above mentioned process is all about how the sunflower oil is processed. In actual operation, some of the process is custom made. If you are interested in setting up an sunflower oil mill plant, please let us know and we shall be pleased to send you the most suitable equipment list and our latest quotations once receive your enquiries. Just feel free to contact us!