Soybean Oil Mill Plant

Soybean Oil Mill Plant

We are a global manufacturer of soybean oil mill plant and related oil mill equipments. We manufacturer oil mill machines by employing optimum grade materials and modern technology at our state of the art machining facility.

We undertake turnkey project solutions for the complete Soybean Oil Extraction Plant. We provide small to large soyabean oil plant ranges starts from 5 TPD to 140 TPD.

Feel free to inquire for detailed information about soybean oil milling plant and oil mill machines. Tell us your capacity requirement, then our professional engineer will help you make the best business plan.

The soybean, also called soya bean or soja bean. The oil content in the soybean is between 16% – 18% depending on the variety of seeds. The major soybean producing countries in the world are Uruguay, Bolivia, Ukraine, Canada, India, China and the United States of America.

Soybean Oil Mill Plant Cost

The cost of soybean oil mill plants is depends by the many different factors including the quality and freshness of soya beans, production output, degree of automation, quality of equipment and manufactures. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get a customized business plan and project cost list.

Machines & Equipments required to start Soybean Oil Mill Plant

Here we have listed some of the common machines required for Soybean Oil Mill Plant including Boiler, Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Seed Cleaner, Soybean Cracker, Soybean Extruder, Oil Expeller, Hammer Mill, Crude peanut oil tanks, Filter press machine with Pump, Filtered oil storage tanks and Volumetric filling machine.

Soybean Oil Mill Plant Process

Soybean oil extraction involves several processes including soybean cleaning, soybean cracking, soybean extruding, soybean oil pressing, oil filtration and soybean oil refining.

Soybean Oil Extraction Plant Process Flowchart

Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator drives the materials through chain transmission for vertical transport of soybean, high lifting capacity and speed.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is a continuous transmission equipment that uses rotation screw to convey raw material without the immunity traction components. Screw conveyor is of simple structure, low marking cost, strong seal, safe, convenient operation.

Soybean Cleaner

Seed cleaner will remove the big and small impurity such as iron, stones, clump,dust, plant leaf, etc.

Soybean Cracker

Seed cracker machines are mainly used to crack soybean into small pieces.

Soybean Extruder

Soybean extruder is single screw squeezing type extruding machine. Extruding the soybean before extraction is the most popular processing method. The cracked soybean are heated to about 150° C – 170° C to soften them, the properties of material are changing under high temperature. The small pieces of soybean will be change in the form of paste and It kills the urea to improve the hygiene requirements.

Soybean Oil Pressing

TThe soybean contains 16 – 18 % oil content. In the First mechanical pressing, over 12 – 13 % of the total oil will be extracted. Remaining oil, leaving 5 – 5.30% oil in the oil cake which will be used in food and animal feeds, principally as a protein supplement.

Oil Filtration

The crude soybean oil contains foots that needs to be removed. The foots will be removed by filter press machine, as it has fine-mesh clothes which can separates liquids and solids using pressure.

Meal Grinding

The soybean cake is crushed by the a hammer mill to make the powder.

Meal Cooling

After crushing meal, the cake powder will go to a meal cooler where the meal is dried and cooled for safe storage.

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