Mustard Oil Mill Plant

Mustard Oil Mill Plant

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Mustard seeds, also known as rapeseed and canola seed. Mustard seed contains 38% – 40% of oil content. Major producers of mustard seeds include India, Pakistan, Canada, Nepal, Hungary, Great Britain and the United States. Brown and black mustard seeds return higher yields than their yellow counterparts.

Mustard Seed Oil Mill Plant Cost

The most basic factor related to the cost of mustard oil mill setup is the capacity of your mustard oil production plant. Normally, the capacity of the factory area and the mustard oil manufacturing equipment decides. In most cases, the investor has brought the land of the factory or rented it. And, the investment cost for factory landing is relatively low in the local market. Therefore, the main cost of mustard oil mill setup is to buy relative machinery and equipment.

Machines & Equipments required to start Mustard Oil Mill Plant

Here we have listed some of the common machines required for mustard seed oil mill plant including Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Seed Cleaner, Oil Expeller, Crude mustard oil tanks, Filter press machine with Pump, Filtered oil tanks and Volumetric filling machine.

Mustard Oil Mill Plant Process

An mustard/rapeseed oil mill plant involves the following steps : seed cleaning, oil pressing, oil filtration and oil filling.

Mustard Oil Extraction Plant Process Flowchart

Bucket Elevator

The Bucket elevator can be used for transport mustard seeds. It’s compact structure and less room. It can run in high level and with good seal property. Belt bucket elevator is light and convenient, with easy maintenance and low noise.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is a continuous transmission equipment that uses rotation screw to convey raw material without the immunity traction components. Screw conveyor is of simple structure, low marking cost, strong seal, safe, convenient operation.

Mustard Seeds Cleaning

Cleaning of seed is the first process of the mustard oil mill plant. Seed Cleaning machine are used to remove of extraneous material like stones, mud, etc. This machine ensures that any foreign material should not be filled with mustard oil press machines.

Mustard Seed Extraction

The cleaned mustard seed are put in the kettle of the oil expeller machine to squeeze out oil from it. Mustard seed contains 38 – 40 % oil content. To extract the oil from mustard seed required four pressing. In the first pressing 15 – 18% oil will be recovered and the cake goes for second pressing where 8 – 10 % oil will be recovered. And this process held for third pressing where 4 se 5 % oil will be recovered. In the last pressing 3 – 4 % oil will be recovered.

The remaining oil, 6.5 – 7% oil still present in the oilcake which will be used as animal feed. The machine crashes and squeezes oil from the mustard without adding any chemicals. Therefore, the oil produced by machine is healthy and free from any sort of toxins.

Oil Filtration

For improving the quality of edible mustard oil for human use. Double filter press is highly recommended for any mustard oil plant as it removes the gum, foots and improve the oils quality. Filter mustard oil can be filled with bottles.

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